WebMD Now: Holiday-Proof Your Plate

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The holidays are here. There's caroling, sleigh rides, and games of dreidel. And there's also food. And where there's food, there's calories. While it's true the holidays are a good time to splurge, let's be honest. Sometimes we take a right turn past splurge and end up in binge town.

So how do you get your merry on without turning into the grinch? Let's start by taking a look at the typical holiday plate. Take a typical holiday meal. Two slices of roast beef, some mashed potato-- can't forget the stuffing-- some green beans, a roll, a little vino, and, of course, how about a little pecan pie with the whipped cream, naturally. And let's cap it all off with a little egg nog. Look familiar?

Well, that single meal has 2,299 calories. That's more than you should eat in an entire day. And that's without going back for seconds. So here's our challenge to you. Indulge, but find a better balance. Scale down your portions of carbs and opt for more veggies. Cut down on the red meat, get rid of half of the roll, try half a slice of pecan pie, and skip the whipped. Add some broccoli or another green veggie.

Small changes like these can equal big calorie [INAUDIBLE]. Plus, the fiber in the veggies will keep you full longer. Our new and improved meal saves over 900 calories. Psst. If you skip the nog, you'll save over 1,200. The real win? You didn't have to give up anything completely. You just played around with the portion sizes. This way, you get the best of both worlds-- your favorite foods with little to no regret.