An Expert's Personal Diet

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Hey, what's going on? I want to talk to you about what a typical diet is for me.

I think about being a balanced diet, being reasonable. 50% to 55% of my diet comes from protein. 35% comes from carbohydrates. And about 15% to 20% comes from my healthy fats. So I eat good 4 to 5 days a week roughly.

On the weekends is really when I cheat. And I cheat within reason. So the balance is like a 90 to 10 rule. I use the cheat meal as a reward for eating healthy throughout the week.

If you look at it that way, you'll have a better sense of how to consume healthy foods and also cheating at the same time.

One of my cheat meal past times-- I've got to be honest with you-- is fried chicken. It is a lovely.

And I eat it once in awhile and it just helps me psychologically to savor my taste buds. And that's how I mix it up.

And that's it. It's very simple.