Ancient Grains for a Modern Pantry

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Move over oatmeal, here are a few ancient grains that deserve a place in your pantry. First up, get freekeh. This whole grain is made from young wheat and tastes nutty. It's a great substitute for rice or couscous.

Next, go big with bulgur. It's made out of precooked wheat berries, and it packs a rich taste. Use it to bulk up a veggie burger or make lentil salad more filling.

Finally, try buckwheat flour made from the seeds of the buckwheat plant. It imbues pancakes and crepes with an earthy, almost bitter flavor. Ancient grains like these give you more than fresh tastes and textures. They're also packed with protein and fiber.

Fiber, in particular, makes you feel full longer, which could help you lose extra weight. It can also improve cholesterol, which lowers your odds of getting heart disease, a stroke, or diabetes. Don't forget, refined grains like white rice, and pasta have had most of their fiber and other nutrients removed. So eat ancient to pave the way for a healthy future.