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Learn new tips for managing your arthritis symptoms—from stress relief and optimizing your daily exercise routine to using Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel to target arthritis pain at the source.


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How to relieve arthritis symptoms before and after social activities


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3 approved exercises to reduce osteoarthritis-related pain

Quick tips for managing your arthritis symptoms

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Why choose a topical vs. an oral NSAID to treat arthritis symptoms?

A topical like Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel allows you to apply the medicine directly to the achy joint for localized pain relief.

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Arthritis pain and stiffness can make your mornings challenging.

Ease your transition into the day by keeping Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel, a prescription-strength OTC topical pain reliever, on your nightstand.

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Stress can worsen arthritis, and arthritis can exacerbate stress.

Help reduce your stress by managing the pain and stiffness associated with arthritis. Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel is clinically proven to reduce arthritis symptoms.


Your Movement Routine to Reduce Pain

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Heat your stiffness away.

Use a heating pad in your bed or take a warm shower or bath first thing in the morning. Heat expands blood vessels to improve circulation and relieve pain and stiffness.

Move to a new breakfast routine this week.

Whole foods help reduce inflammation, which makes movement easier. Start your day right with hard-boiled eggs, hot millet cereal, or a smoothie with fruits and vegetables.

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Try one new activity this week.

Exercise is an effective way to reduce pain and enhance range of movement for people with osteoarthritis. Try low-impact aerobics, yoga, Tai Chi, or take a daily walk with a friend.

Treat your pain.

When your arthritis flares up, apply Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel—the first full-prescription-strength OTC topical NSAID gel clinically proven to relieve joint pain, reduce stiffness, and improve mobility.

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Start stretching daily.

Stretching loosens joints and improves range of motion. Before you exercise, try a stretch that mirrors the activity's movements. This helps with circulation and warms up the muscles.