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Considering taking medication to treat a+condition+of+bladder+dysfunction+from+nerve+disorder? Below is a list of common medications used to treat or reduce the symptoms of a+condition+of+bladder+dysfunction+from+nerve+disorder. Follow the links to read common uses, side effects, dosage details and read user reviews for the drugs listed below.

75 medications found for a+condition+of+bladder+dysfunction+from+nerve+disorder

Sorted by User Reviews

Drug Name Indication Type User Reviews
oxybutynin chloride ER On Label 210 Reviews
oxybutynin chloride On Label 210 Reviews
hyoscyamine tablet 114 Reviews
Oxytrol Patch, Transdermal Semiweekly On Label 107 Reviews
Levbid 74 Reviews
HyoMax-SR Tablet, Extended Release 12 hr 62 Reviews
HyoMax-SL Tablet, Sublingual 59 Reviews
Levsin 52 Reviews
Levsin Elixir 52 Reviews
Levsin Drops 52 Reviews
hyoscyamine sulfate Tablet,disintegrating 47 Reviews
hyoscyamine sulfate 47 Reviews
hyoscyamine sulfate Drops 47 Reviews
hyoscyamine sulfate Elixir 47 Reviews
hyoscyamine sulfate ER 47 Reviews
Gelnique Gel In Metered-Dose Pump On Label 47 Reviews
Gelnique Gel in Packet On Label 47 Reviews
Ditropan Syrup On Label 43 Reviews
Ditropan XL On Label 34 Reviews
LEVSIN-SL Tablet, Sublingual 32 Reviews
Symax Duotab 29 Reviews
hyoscyamine sulfate Tablet, Sublingual 23 Reviews
HyoMax-FT Tablet,disintegrating 17 Reviews
L-Hyoscyamine Sulfate tablet 13 Reviews
oxybutynin Patch, Transdermal Semiweekly On Label RX/OTC 13 Reviews
oxybutynin Gel In Metered-Dose Pump On Label RX/OTC 13 Reviews
NuLev 13 Reviews
Hyomax tablet 11 Reviews
Levsinex Capsule, Extended Release 12 hr (Capsule, ER hr) 11 Reviews
HyoMax-DT Tablet, Extended Release Multiphase (Tablet, ER Multiphase) 8 Reviews
Oxytrol For Women Patch,Transdermal 4 day On Label OTC 8 Reviews
Anaspaz 4 Reviews
Hyosyne 4 Reviews
Hyosyne Elixir 4 Reviews
Symax-SL Tablet, Sublingual 4 Reviews
Symax-SR 4 Reviews
oxybutynin chloride Gel in Packet On Label 4 Reviews
oxybutynin chloride Gel In Metered-Dose Pump On Label 4 Reviews
Oscimin SL Tablet, Sublingual 3 Reviews
Oscimin 2 Reviews
Oscimin Tablet,disintegrating 2 Reviews
PRO-HYO Chewable Melt Tablet,disintegrating 2 Reviews
IB-Stat Spray, Non-Aerosol 1 Reviews
Symax 1 Reviews
Hyosol/SL Tablet, Sublingual 1 Reviews
Dispas Chewable Melt Tablet,disintegrating 1 Reviews
Urotrol tablet On Label 0 Reviews
Donnamar tablet 0 Reviews
Mar-Spas Chewable Melt Tablet,disintegrating 0 Reviews
Liqui-Sooth Elixir 0 Reviews
Liqui-Sooth Drops 0 Reviews
Spasdel Elixir 0 Reviews
Spasdel 16.2 mg-0.1037mg-0.0194mg/5mL oral elixir 0 Reviews
Spasdel tablet 0 Reviews
Spasdel Drops 0 Reviews
Ed-Spaz 0 Reviews
Ed-Spaz tablet 0 Reviews
Colidrops Elixir 0 Reviews
Colidrops Drops 0 Reviews
Neosol Tablet,disintegrating 0 Reviews
Colytrol Pediatric Drops 0 Reviews
Hyco Elixir 0 Reviews
Hyco Drops 0 Reviews
Medispaz tablet 0 Reviews
Oscimin SR 0 Reviews
Gastrosed tablet 0 Reviews
Gastrosed Drops 0 Reviews
Spacol T/S Tablet, Extended Release 12 hr 0 Reviews
Cystospaz-M Capsule, Extended Release 12 hr (Capsule, ER hr) 0 Reviews
Cystospaz tablet 0 Reviews
Hyospaz tablet 0 Reviews
A-Spas Tablet, Sublingual 0 Reviews
Spacol I.D. Drops 0 Reviews
Hyoscyamine Compound Elixir 0 Reviews
Hyoscyamine Compound 0.125 mg/5 mL oral elixir 0 Reviews