Aspirin Poisoning Treatment

Call 911 if the person is:

  • Vomiting severely
  • Agitated or lethargic
  • Unconscious
  • Having convulsions
  • Not breathing

1. Get Help Immediately

For an overdose of aspirin:

  • Call Poison Control at 800-222-1222 for instructions, even if there are no signs of poisoning.
  • If possible, provide this information: all medications the person may have taken, how much the person may have taken, and when.

2. Follow Up

  • For small amounts, you may need to watch the person carefully at home.
  • For a larger amount, you may need to take the person to a hospital emergency department.
  • Take the aspirin bottle to show the healthcare provider.
  • At the hospital, healthcare providers will check the level of aspirin in the blood and will do testing to determine the aspirin's toxic effect on the body. They may give activated charcoal or other medication to slow or prevent toxicity.
  • The providers may also give IV fluids.
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