Broken Shoulder Blade Treatment

Medically Reviewed by Tyler Wheeler, MD on January 26, 2020

1. Get Medical Help Immediately

  • Get the person to a health care provider or hospital emergency department.

2. Control Bleeding

  • If there is bleeding, apply steady, direct pressure with a clean cloth or bandage for 15 minutes. If blood soaks through, apply another cloth over the first.

3. Make a Sling

  • Supporting the injured arm, place a triangular bandage or cloth under it and over the uninjured shoulder.
  • Tie the sling at the side of the neck.

4. Treat Symptoms

  • Apply ice for pain and swelling.
  • Give over-the-counter acetaminophen (Tylenol) for pain. Stronger pain medications may be prescribed initially by the health care provider.

5. Follow Up

  • The health care provider will examine the shoulder and may do an X-ray or other tests. In most cases, surgery is not needed.
  • The health care provider may put the arm in a sling.