Catfish Sting Treatment

Medically Reviewed by Sabrina Felson, MD on November 02, 2019

Call 911 if: 

1. Get the Person Out of the Water

2. Do CPR if the Person Is Not Breathing

3. Clean Wound

  • Use tweezers to remove all catfish spines.
  • Scrub wound with soap and water.
  • Rinse extensively with fresh or salt water.

4. Submerge Wound in Hot Water

  • Soak for at least 30 minutes in hot (not scalding) water with epsom salt.

5. Do Not Cover Wound

6. Treat Pain

7. See a Doctor As Soon As Possible

8. Follow Up

  • The doctor will clean and treat the wound and may give a tetanus shot, if needed.
  • The person may receive pain medication and antibiotics to prevent infection.