Parents: Ideas for Active Family Fun

Healthy Kids. Healthy Families.
Physical Activity Can Make the Connection
It's worth it.

Physical activity builds a great foundation for a healthy life. It's a win/win event for you and your child. Physical activity can:

  • Increase self-esteem and capacity for learning.
  • Help kids handle stress.
  • Build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints.
  • Help control weight.

Experience active family fun. Create family traditions and lasting memories.

Time together is time that's treasured. Try:

Family Adventures
See the sights of your community. Try hiking, fishing, canoeing, and berry-picking. Discover the public parks. Visit the zoo. Explore outdoor tourist attractions.

Family Fitness Vacations
Plan an active get-away. Swim at the beach or bike on a scenic trail. Hike or camp in the mountains. Explore state and national parks. Raft down a river. Take a walking tour of a city.

The Gift of Physical Activity
Give a present that encourages activity. Outfit that special someone with a swimsuit or pair of athletic shoes. Select toys that make you move, such as a basketball or bicycle.

Seasonal Celebrations
Welcome each one with fun.
Winter: Go sledding or build a snowman.
Spring: Play whiffle ball or fly a kite.
Summer: Run through the sprinkler or jump rope.
Fall: Play Frisbee golf or hike through a pumpkin patch.

Community Service
Benefit others while benefiting yourself — volunteer as a family. Do litter patrol on a nearby road, help neighbors rake their yard or team up to clean up a favorite park.

Find the right fit.
Organized activities, such as lessons, clubs and teams, can be a positive experience if they match your child's interests and personality. Before signing up, check out the program and answer the following questions. A majority of "yes" answers suggests enjoyment for your child.

  • Does my child's skill level and size match the rest of the group?
  • Are the challenges and expectations appropriate for my child?
  • Are all children given meaningful opportunities to learn skills and participate fully?
  • Is there a focus on development of fair play, teamwork, sportsmanship, and having fun?
  • Does the activity leader provide encouragement and positive feedback?
  • Are all children treated with respect?


It's not just an action, it's a lifestyle.

Walk and Talk Instead of sitting at the table to do homework, take a walk with your child while practicing spelling words, multiplication tables or geography facts.

Household Jobs Encourage responsibility and home maintenance skills by having your children help vacuum, scrub floors, mow the lawn, walk the dog, wash the car and more.

Indoor Fun Designate a space where kids can roll, climb, jump, dance and tumble. Garages - without cars - can become an activity zone on rainy or snowy days.

Traveling Locker Room Stash a box in the family car that holds balls, baseball gloves, a jump rope, Frisbee, kite, etc. You'll always be ready for fun.

Experience the fun together.
Kids just need to play. And so do you.

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