Running Rewards Small Business Owners

Entreprenurs Who Run Regularly Are More Successful

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Sept. 19, 2003 -- Running regularly may help small business owners stay on the move and ahead of their competition.

A new study shows that running may actually teach entrepreneurs valuable lessons in what it takes to operate a successful business. Researchers say the results show that running may be even more beneficial to businessmen and women than other types of exercise such as weight lifting.

The study showed entrepreneurs who run on a regular basis report more personal satisfaction, independence, and autonomy than those who weight train only or don't run. And small businesses managed by runners report better sales than those directed by non-runners.

"Entrepreneurs dedicated to exercise programs are very goal oriented," researcher Mike Goldsby, an entrepreneurship professor at Ball State University, says in a news release. "The study found that running and weight training help entrepreneurs to be more effective in their jobs. However, entrepreneurs who only weight train should add running to their workouts to increase their effectiveness." Goldsby regularly competes in marathons and triathlons.

Goldsby presented the results of the study last month at the 2003 National Conference of the Academy of Management, in Seattle, Wash.

Physical & Professional Well-Being Linked

For the study, researchers surveyed 336 small business owners in the Midwest.

They found that the more the business owners said they ran, the more rewards they reaped.

Although weight lifting was also linked to greater achievement of internal and external rewards, companies run by weight lifters didn't show higher sales.

"Attaining excellent physical condition requires developing a mindset that accepts and embraces hard work," Goldsby says. "If small business owners were willing and able to grant their physical health the same respect as they do their financial and professional well-being, most would be in incredible physical condition."

"Conversely, good physical condition should contribute to entrepreneur's success in reaching their personal and financial goals as well," adds Goldsby. "Maintaining a fitness regimen is helpful for attaining goals and sustaining entrepreneurship."

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SOURCES: Goldsby, M. "Entrepreneurship & Fitness: An Examination of Rigorous Exercise and Goal Attainment Among Small Business Owners." Presented at the 2003 National Conference of the Academy of Management, Seattle, Wash., Aug. 4, 2003.

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