10-Minute Sport Yoga

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Hey. I'm Adam. And I'm looking forward to taking you through a gentle sport yoga flow. It's going to last you approximately 10 minutes. Joining me today I have Jessica, and I have Jenny. Let's get this started.

We'll stand with our feet about hip width apart. In this case, we'll put our hands by their sides with the palms facing forward. On an inhale, we're going to sweep those arms up nice and high. And on an exhale, we're going to let them fall. We'll do that two more times. On an inhale, we sweep up nice and high. And on an exhale, we fall toward the Earth. Last one-- on an inhale, sweep up nice and high.

And this time, we're going to Swan Dive. We push the hips back. Arms fall wide. We start to Forward Fold. When you get here, I want you relax the head. You probably want to gently bend the knees as you do so. Let your arms dangle. Let your head relax. And let the back be free. [BELL]

On an inhale, we're going to come to a flat back position. Hands to the shins, looking slightly forward, breathing. And then on the exhale, we're going to fall forward again.

Again, keep it gentle, bending your knees. We'll do it again. On an inhale, we'll come forward. Flat back looking forward. On an exhale, we'll fall. If you can start to straighten your legs a little bit, do it.

On an inhale, come to a flat back one last time. And on the exhale, put both hands on the mat. Let's step your right foot back, and the left foot to join it. We're in what we call an upper push-up position. [BELL]

Now from here what I want you to do, with your feet hip width apart, is press your hips nice and high to the sky, lengthening out through the back. Again, I want you to gently bend your knees. Try to create as much space between your hips through the back, all the way to the fingertips. Now on an inhale, we're going to shift forward, shoulders coming right over the wrists. And we breathe again.

Right here we're in the Pillar position. Breathe, breathe, breathe. We'll do a second Down Dog. We shift the hips up high, breathing as we press back. Slight bend in those knees. Breathe. Take an inhale, and then we're going to come on forward again. Over those shoulders we go, breathing, breathing, breathing. Relax to as much as possible, shoulders over wrists. Last time for the Down Dog. Pressing those hips nice and high. Breathe as you push the hips up, extending through the back. [BELL] Beautiful.

We're going to walk the feet all the way up to the hands, bending the knees as you go, coming through. And from here, we're once again in that Forward Fold. Let your head relax. Let your arms dangle. And just breathe. We'll come to a flat back position, hands to the shins. Breathe as you slightly look forward. On the exhale, fold forward again.

This time on an inhale, sweep your arms out. We're going to rise up nice and high toward the sky. Bring the hands together through the center of the heart. Beautiful. We're going to step our right leg back now. [BELL]

We're going to press it. We step that foot back, nice and deep. We're on the ball of the foot back there. Front leg is nice and bent. Knee tracking right over the toe. Hands at your sides. On an inhale, sweep those arms up nice and high. Breathe for me. Stretch all the way through your fingertips. And then gently release the hands down. Interlace them behind your back. Draw your shoulders back. And root those hands down toward your heels. Beautiful. Breathe for me now. Good.

Release the hands now. On an inhale, take your arms up, high to that sky. And then on the exhale, release the hands and step that foot through. Beautiful. We're going to do it on the other side. Let's step our left foot back. Get nice and stable.

You're on the ball of the foot back there, front knee nice and bent, right? Upper body nice and tall, hands at your sides. On an inhale, sweep the arms up high and breathe for me. Again, lengthen that upper body. Abs are engaged, arms stretching, fingers spread nice and wide. Release the hands for me. Interlace them behind your back. Draw your shoulders back, and root those hands down. Beautiful, you guys.

You're looking great at home. Just keep breathing. If you're new to this, just relax into it. Come out of it at anytime. Join us when you're ready to come back in. Good. [BELL]

Let's release the hands. Shoot them high to the sky. And then on the exhale, sweep them as you step forward. Beautiful. We're going to go into what we call a chair squat. So in this case, Jenny and I will put our feet together. In this case, Jessica has them wider. We're doing this because Jessica has a little bit of a back problem. If you don't have that issue, feet together. Little chair squats, here's what it looks like. We press our knees together. Arms extend up nice and high. And we breathe. We come back up, nice and tall.

We do it again. Press the knees, extend the arms. Come back up again. One more time. We press the knees together. We reach up high. And then we step it back down, arms to the sides. Beautiful, you guys. From here, we're going to be stepping-- in this case, again, our right leg back. We spin that back foot flat. We're going into what we call Warrior I. When we spin that foot back, it's not at a right angle. [BELL]

Slightly forward. Front knee tracking right over that toe. Hips forward. Sweep the arms up. Reach them nice and high. Beautiful. And breathe. And from here, we're going to open up. Arms go to the sides, parallel to the Earth. Breathe here. The vision is forward on this one. As you can see right here, Jess is doing a great job. Vision is forward, arm extended out. Looking good, you guys. Good.

Now we're going to go into Reverse Warrior. Take your back hand down your back leg, and stretch that arm up. Reach it back. Beautiful. We're going to windmill. Front arm comes forward. Back arm trails. Hands to the ground. Step your feet back.

Now, check this out. From here, you guys, we're going to drop to our belly. Lower yourself down with all muscle. From this position, let your toes release. Draw your shoulders back. And then just come up a little bit, nothing too crazy. It's called a Baby Cobra. Lower yourself back down. Tuck your toes underneath your ankles. Press through your arms. We're going back to Down Dog. [BELL]

Pressing the hips high, bend those knees and breathe. We're going to walk our feet up to our hands again, walking all the way up. Step them there. We're in Forward Fold again, so let yourself breathe here. Come to a little flat back position. Hands on shins, breathe. And then fold forward one more time. This time, we're going to sweep our arms out. Raise them nice and high to the sky. Let them come through the center. Breathe for me here. Beautiful. We're going to step it back on the left side. [BELL]

We step that left foot back. We spin it flat. Get a nice deep position, front knee bent. Back leg nice and straight, right? We're getting set up in our Warrior pose position. Now orient your hips forward if you can. And then on an inhale, stretch those arms up nice and high to the sky. We're in Warrior I. Let's see what we got. Looking good. In this case, Jenny's got nice, long arms, palms facing in toward each other. Front knee is tracking right over that toe. Bring it in here a little bit. Beautiful. Warrior I. We're going to open into Warrior II, you guys. [BELL]

Arms go out to the side, straight and parallel. Looking right out over that front hand if you can. If you want to make a fist, you can. If you want to, extend the fingers out. But try to be relaxed in your shoulders. Let everything just hang out. Let's go back now. The other hand goes down the back. Front arm raises high, reaching back. Stretch. You're really trying to stretch this front side of your body out, you guys, keeping your legs strong in a Warrior stance. Let's windmill. Front arm comes down. Back arm follows. Release to the Earth. Step that foot back.

With muscle, now, let's lower down to that mat. Beautiful. On an inhale, release your toes. [BELL] Come up into Baby Cobra. Breathe. Slowly release. I want you to come up right into an upper push-up position now, with hands on your shoulders, toes tucked underneath your ankles. Press up to an upper push-up position. We're going to do what we call a Spiderman Lunge. [BELL]

I want you bring your right foot up, right outside your right hand. We're in the strong position. We're breathing. Now, we're going to shift back to Reverse Lunge. So we're going to push back. Lift your front toe. Breathe here for a second. And then we'll come back forward. Hands to the mat. Step that right foot back. And we're going to go with the left leg. Bring it forward. Step it up. Breathe.

Stretch it out. And then we go back. Stretching deep, lifting the toes. Come on forward. We're going to repeat that two more times. Step that left foot back. Bring your right foot forward. Breathe, stretch, step it back deep. Come on forward. Let's go to the other side. We bring that left foot up. Breathe. Take it back. Stretch deep, toes up. One more time each side. Coming back, take it forward. Breathe for me. We're going back. Sink in, last one. Step it back. Bring it forward, come on. And shift it back. Breathe. [BELL] Come on back forward. I love it.

Step the foot back slowly lower, dropping in. We're going to go to Child's Pose next. So let yourself push up. Knees stay on the ground. Shift back to your heels. Stretch it out. [BELL] Good. Slowly come on up. Get yourself up. We're going to put ourselves, and just have a seat on your heels for me for a second. We're going to stretch out here. I want you take your right arm nice and high. Put it in the center of the back. Come over the top. Reaching up and breathe.

Let's do the other side, arms up. Arm goes in the center of the back, over the top. And just stretch. You're doing a great job at home. Hang with us. Use this time to calm the breath and let yourself just be. Slowly release. [BELL] Let the hands come to the center of the heart now. And just pause here with me for a moment.

Again, I thank you for your time. We're just about at the end of our 10-minute gentle sport yoga flow. Thank you, Jenny. Thank you, Jessica. Thank you at home.