10-Minute Strength and Cardio Workout

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Hey, thanks for joining us for a 10 minute full body, all levels work out.

We're going to be working with compound movements today.

That means using all areas of the body-- lower, middle, and upper at the same time.

We're going to do 5 strength exercises, followed by 5 cardio exercises.

45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest.

Are you guys ready?


All right.

Who do I have with me?

I've got Tash.

I've got Dominic.

I've got Jonathan.

And I've got Elisa.

We're going to grab whatever weight we've got, you guys.

Let's get a hold of that baby down.

Right, so what we're going to do now-- as we stand tall, we're going to put the dumbbell or weight, whatever you've got, in the center your chest.

Let's step back, with our right leg, back.


And then we're going to come up, press, raise the knee up.

Put the foot down.

Do the other side.

All right.

And we just continue this action, always alternating which leg is going back.

Coming right back.


Yes, you guys.

So the key here-- again, when I go up and I press that weight up, I'm going up to the sky.

I'm going to press this high as I possibly can.

And then I'm going to switch legs every single time that I bring a foot back down to the ground in front of me.

So I go up-- zoom-- and I continue that.

How we doing back here?

Is this involving coordination?

Abso-darn-lutely it is.

And it's important to realize that.

If you lose your balance-- which will sometimes happen-- it's a part of the game, right?

Dominic is showing this exercise with no weight at all.

It's important to realize you can do these things with no weight.

Even if you don't have anything and you're just learning it, do it with control.

And we're going to rise up.

Put it back.

Last one, you guys.

Now we press to the sky.

Very nice, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

We're going to now move to split squat with a Pass The Rock.

So we stand sideways again.

We're going to step, in this case, our right leg back.

Take whatever weight you've got up high to this sky with the left arm.

Now we're going to drop it down underneath, sweeping it.

And we're going to raise it back up nice and high.

So this is the action-- we're dropping down, rising up.

Drop down and rise up.

So every time you come down, you're passing that weight underneath your legs.

You don't have to go super deep.

So I'll show you from the front.

When I've got that weight in my hands, I'm sweeping it out wide, passing it underneath and sending up nice and high again.

Beautiful, you guys.

Stay with this.

Continue on.


Dropping deep.

How we doing? Excellent.

You guys all look good.

You look good at home so hang in there.

Passing the rock, baby.

Pass that rock.



Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?


Do I look like the Rock?


He's a little bigger.

Anyway, continue, you guys.

We're almost there.

Last 3, last 2 and last 1.


We've got to switch and get the other side now.

All right.

So we're going to set ourselves up for that.

We've got about a 15-second breather and then we go right into that.

So we're just walking it out.

Catching our breath.

I know you're catching your breath at home as well.


Let's get ourselves set for this one.

So we're going to step our left foot back, nice and deep.

We're going to take the weight in the other hand, press it up nice and high for me.

And then from there, the other arm goes up.

And we circle them down.

Drop it down.

Pass the rock.

And send it up nice and high.

Drop it down.

Pass the rock.

This requires great stability, balance, coordination.

And then rise up to the top.

Dropping down.

You come on back up again.

Continue that motion.

we doing back here?


Elisa's doing great.

Jon's doing great.

Tash, Dominic, and I know you're doing great.

If at any point during this, you get a little fatigued in your 45 seconds, take a breather.

Allow yourself that moment.

And come back in when you can.

So we're working it.


Come on, baby.

Get on down, get on back up again.

Get on down, get on back up again.

Here we go.

Working through this.

We've Got a few seconds left, gang.

Come on.

Down and then back up.

It's the last one.

And fantastic.

I love it.

I love it.

I love it.

All right now.

So we have an alternating jab punch coming at us here, you guys.

So we're marching in front.

We've got whatever we got.

And we're going to put it in our right hand first.

And we're going to be going out to our left with our legs.

Here's how it works.

We go like this.

We lunge and press out to the side.

We stand up and in.

We go the other way.

We lunge and press.

Stand up and in.

Lunge and press.

Stand up and in.

And just continue.


And come up.

Lunge and jab-- that's where the term jab comes.




We open.

And notice I'm pivoting my feet.

This is super duper important.

Right here, from a square position to you, I twist and turn and pivot my feet.

I try to keep my arm parallel to the earth when I'm here.

Are you guys doing that?


Yes, baby.

Continue to work.

Shoving that arm out there, extending it.

Dropping through the legs.

You can do this.

Hang in there with me.

I got a couple more, too.


And you're working at your own pace.

You'll notice that.

We've got a bunch of different speeds happening here.

That's reality, people.

Let's go for 4, for 3, for 2 and for 1.

Take a 15-second breather.

Shake it out.

It's full body.

That's the beauty of this.

Burning more calories, yes?

The potential to create some lean muscle on that body.

We're going to do a circle squat, feet underneath your hips.

From here, we take that weight way up high in the sky.

And then we go like this-- we drop it down, sweeping out, up to the top.

And at the topic we switch.

Dropping down, rising up.

Every time we switch.

Drop and rise.


Drop and rise.

Circular motion.

Drop and rise.


Drop and rise.


Continue that action, please.

Let's go.

Up and down.

Yes indeed, we're working now.

I'm feeling it.

Who's feeling it with me?


I am, too.

You are, too, you guys.

Come on, keep breathing, baby.

Let's go.


I got this.

Keep working.

I'm going to speed it up a little bit.

I'm feeling it.

Come on now.

Let your legs naturally kind of move with that.

A little move and groove here.

Not too much internal rotation.

You can do it now.

Come on.

Let's work it.


We're almost to the end.

You got about 3 here.

Come on.

You got 2.

And there it is.

Let's put that weight down gladly.

All right.

We're moving on to our 5 cardiovascular movements, you guys.

Again, 45 seconds each, 15 seconds of rest.

We can do this.

All right.

Let's work it now.

Arms go up nice and high.

In 3, in 2 and 1-- we alternate which leg is raised.

Pulling those elbows down.

Driving that knee up.

Come on.

Come on.

Raise that knee up.

It's called a Linear Board Breaker.

Imagine there is a board right there and you're going to break that bad boy as you come on down.

All right.


Notice you hear Jonathan's breath.

It's so important when you guys are doing this to allow that breath to flow.

So often we're in that state, we forget to let it happen.

And if you can, put a smile on your face.

Let's go.

Come on.

Keep working.

Let's do it.

Let's do it at home, you guys.

Come on.

We're not going to give up on this one.

We're going to take a 15-second break after this and it's coming.

It's coming.

Keep working.

Keep working.

Come on.

We're on it.

In 3, in 2 and 1.

Thank goodness.

15-second breather-- shake it out.

Excellent job, everybody.

Thank you for your efforts.

Thank you for you efforts.

We've got a Lateral Board Breaker.

And it's coming up in about 6 seconds.

So get yourself prepared and ready to rock on this one.

Arms go up nice and high.

We're going to go with our right leg first.

We raise it out to the side.

And we just go up and over the top with our arms.



And bring those arms down.

If you want to bring those elbows down, just like we were doing before, do it.

But you're opening the legs up.

Now, say the arms get tired in the board-breaking aspect of this-- just put your hands here and go like this.

Just put your hands here, but keep opening the legs up.


Opening the legs up.

I'm standing facing you and my hips are opening, yes.

External rotation at the hip.

Come on.

Let's do this.

Let's do this.

Let's do this.

Let's do this.

Come on.

We've got a few more.

In 3-- oh, man, I want to say 3, but I'm feeling it's more like 5.

Come on.

Let's go.

I just always want to say 3 for some reason.

Let's go.

And now, we rest.

Come on.

We march.


We're going to Pop Squats next.

It's not getting easier, but we're getting closer to the finish line, you guys.

Pop Squats coming in about 8 seconds or so.

Woo, baby.

Keep the body ready to do the work, here.

Feet underneath us now.

We start together, hands on hips.

And then we're going to pop the legs out, drop , then come right back in.

We just keep going.

If I can, and I'm advanced enough, and I've been working at this, I spend as little time in the center as I can.

And I go right back out.

Wherever the knees go, is what's happening with the toes.

So another way to say that is, where the toes go, the knees go.

Right here.

Woo Right on it.


If you're new to it, step it out.

Dom's giving an example of that.

Stepping, stepping, dropping in, stepping, stepping.

So there's an alternative for everybody.

Because not always is jumping a great thing if you have some kind of injury, be it in your neck, in your back, in your spine.

Any kind of issues like that-- other than emotional issues-- we want you to do in that little abbreviated or adjusted movement.

Come on.

Last ones, you guys, last one.

Yes and walk it out.

That one will get your heart rate up like no other-- the Pop Squat.

The Pop Squats, you guys.

All right, we've got something called the Cross Country.

And it's just what the name implies-- like cross country skiing.

So what I want you guys to do now-- you're going to face the side.

I want you to take your right foot forward and your left arm out.

Are we ready to do this?

And we're just going to switch.

We go here for 45 seconds.

Just switch.

Just switch.

You're trying to woo, woo.

Now we're trying to land on the balls of our feet, and pounding into the heels.

So important-- we want to take care of the knee, and want to take care of the ankle.

If you're new to it like Dom is doing-- he's just switching his feet and switching his arms.

That's awesome.

We just have one foot out, one arm out.

We bring 'em in.

We switch.

We bring 'em in.

We switch.

We bring 'em in.

We switch.

So there's something for everybody.

Just let it happen.

By the way, movement in general is a good thing.

As we get more and more confident and competent with this stuff, we try to refine it.

But in the beginning, getting the blood flowing and the heart beating-- such a wonderful gift you're giving yourself.

Don't stop doing that, you guys.

Come on. we've got a few more.

A few more.

And there it is.

Walk it out.

Woo, baby.

We got one more.

One more, at home.

It's called the 12, 3, 6, 9, 12.

What in the world?

There's a lot going on here.

We're going to be jumping around the clock, 15 minutes every jump.

Are we ready to do this?

Here it is.

Let's go to 3, you guys.

We shift to 3.

We shift to 6.

We shift to 9.

We shift to 12.

We're going back.

We shift to 9.

We shift to 6.

We shift to 3.

We shift to 12.

And we keep repeating.

I'm going to pause for a second.

If you can't jump, again, for whatever reason it is-- based on an injury or you're new to this stuff-- just step the movements.

Step to 3.


Step to 6.


Step to 9.


Step to 12.


And then repeat that.

So adjust as necessary.

If you want to get crazy and do half way, you could go from 12 to 6 to 12 back to 6 back to 12.

So there's a lot that you can do to make this one work.

It's going to get your heart rate up.

Yes, it is.

Come on.

We've got a few more seconds, you guys.

Hang in there.

Hang in there at home.

You can do this.

We're there.

And breathe.

Walk it out.

You just finished a 10 minute full body, compound movement workout.

Thank you, you guys.

Thank you, you guys.

Excellent job.