5-Minute Metabolism Jumpstart

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Hey, everybody. I'm Adam and I'm excited to share with you a five-minute high-intensity interval training session.

This workout will incorporate five exercises, each one done for 40 seconds with a 20 second rest. I'm going to show you how you can do it at any level of fitness. So hang in there and join me for some fun here.

The first one we call a mountain climber, you guys. So we're going to get on down. Hands underneath our shoulders. And the basic premise is hips parallel to the earth. We bring the knees toward the chest. And we alternate that motion. So this is like a medium level when you do it. Again, draw that knee in strong. Breathe. Exhale and inhale.

If you want to speed it up while you're doing it, you just turn that into a run. You get that same action going, driving the knees in. A little more piston like, right? Now if you want to turn it down, you could actually just do it from your knees and just pull the knee in, release it back, pull the knee it.

But again, you're still stacking the joints. You have those wrists right underneath the shoulders. And you just continue that action, right? And you could, again, just adjust and modify as it feels right. That's the first one. We take 20 seconds to rest.

Again, remember when you're doing this, find a level that's appropriate to you where you're challenging yourself up to like an 8 to 10 intensity. The next exercise, exercise two, is called a low jack. And the way this works is this. You start with your feet together. Put your hands behind your head. And you pull the elbows in.

The basic action is you open the feet wide and you pull it in. So if you already got it, get rocking. Just jump it out and jump it in. So this is about a medium intensity. Now if you want to up it, you just go a little faster. But if you're looking to go a little lower level or an easy level, just step it out, step it out, and step it in, step it in.

But again, find your rhythm. Find your pace. If you're new to it, this is it, right? If you've spent a little more time with this stuff, you go here. And if you really want to amp it up, go fast. But find your flow. You should be going faster than I am if you've been doing this for awhile though. But finish these low jacks off. This is a tough one, you guys. Come on. I'm breathing heavy. Finish strong with me now. Come on. We're almost to the end. In two and one.

Shake it out. Your heart rate should be up now. Next, we're doing side-to-side skaters, you guys. And again, this one's going to be working lateral movement. And I'll show you some different levels of it. Are you ready for this? Again, it's 40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest. You can do this at home. I know you can. It's coming up.

Are we ready to work? It's coming now in 3, in 2, and 1. We start to skate. Arms in a flow. We're staying low the whole time. Now if you want to amp it up, just go wider and add a hop to it. Get as far across as you can and stick the landing, kind of like Kerri Strug. Going side to side.

Now if you want to go easy, put the hands on the hips and go right here. Just find a level that works for you. But keep the body moving. I'm going to stay right here right now because I'm huffing and puffing. I'm talking and walking as they say. So I'm going to keep my body going with what I can. But make sure if you can, do more than I'm doing right now. I know you can. Come on. You've got 4. You've got 3. You've got 2. And 1. Enjoy the 20 second breather.

But again, make sure you're working hard during that 40 seconds. The next one is called the pop and drop. Again, this baby's going to work you so know ahead of time you've got to really get yourself rocking. We're almost to the start of this guy. Start with your feet about hip width apart. When we do this, all I do is reach down across my body, I pop my feet together, pop them out to the other side. In and down. In and down.

If you want to go faster, come in, come in. And you just continue that action right there. If you want to go slower, don't even add the pop and just reach down. Maybe come up and reach here. And then go down across. Come up and reach here. But find your level to do this where you're feeling your heart rate up, right? Maybe come in and go across. Come in. Work harder than me if you can right now. Woo, baby.

But again, find your intensity. Come on. Let's go. We're almost to the end of this guy. Come on, you guys. We're there in 3, in 2, and 1. Use the 20 seconds. I know I can use it. I hope you can too because you're working that hard at home. You're doing a great job. Keep this up, you guys. We got one exercise to go. It's called the burpee. We left the biggest for the end. This thing is tough, right? How does this guy look?

We start with our arms high overhead and we go down to the ground, we jump our feet back, we jump our feet in, and we stand tall. You continue that. Down, back, in, and up. Now if you want to make this tougher, you add a jump at the top and a push up at the bottom. So I go like this. I jump up. I do a push up here. Jump. Jump again. Right here. Bam. And jump again.

Now if that's way, way, way too intense, either version, do something like this. Arms up, come here, step your feet back, step your feet in, and then stand up again. You don't even have to step the feet back. You could just go here. Down and up. Down and up. But make sure you're working hard enough that your heart rate is up. You've got two. You've got one. You did it, you guys.

Amazing job. Five minutes of high-intensity interval training. Thank you so much for joining me. [MUSIC PLAYING]