Butt-Kicking Workout

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Today we're going to focus on six amazing ninja kicks that are going to target your lower body like no one's business.

We're going to start by opening-- --in one minute each.

We're going to start here, nice.

We're going to bring our arms in front of us, create a nice circle.

--and we're going to cross onto your right side.

That is called a reverse kick.

Now we're going to switch sides.

You're going to travel with the same leg, to the same side.

That is a crescent kick.

Now you're going to step back.

That same leg, you're going to point your toe, because you're not getting hurt.

They are.

You're going to point the toe, you're going to bring the knee up, you're going to open, you're going to close, and you're going to step back.

Let's do that a little faster.


Let's stay here.

Now we're going to take the same back leg.

We're going to perform a roundhouse kick.

Imagine a line traveling from your head down to the ground, and you're going to whip right around it.

Looks like this.


And you're going to re-chamber back, all right?

The next kick is called a side kick.

You're going to bring the knee up.

You don't know what I'm doing, do you?

Well guess what?

That's a side kick.

All right?

Now someone's right behind me, and we're going to kick them.

That's a back kick.

Now look at your heel while you're doing it.

Let's start right now.

One minute on both legs.

All right ladies, shoulders up behind you.

Open up into your horse straddle.

Open up into your horse straddle.

Fists back, open heels, toes, heels, sink into it.

For us, we're going to bend the knee a little more, and we're going to point the toe.

Going to start with your reverse, let's do it.

Hi! Again.

Come on, ladies.


And if you can circle in, try to circle in.

You see this socket right here?


There's a lot of flexibility there.

But if you don't use it, you will lose it.

So let's work on it.



Let's bring a little-- let's do more.

This is awesome.

Right, it's a great exercise like that.

But right now we want to kick.

So we're going to circle in.


And if you're strong enough, you can pick her up too.


We're almost there.


Four, three, two, and one.

Get ready to switch to the other side.

Right into it.



You are welcome to relax at the hands or not.

The art of Kung Fu is the art of the empty hand.

This helps me sometimes, opening helps me as well.

All right, ladies, three, two, one more.


We're going to take it down to a crescent kick, starting with your left leg.

Hi! Nice.

Now this kick can be small, medium, or large.

That's pretty large.


We kick, that's a short range, medium, large.

Completely up to you.


All right.

Four, three, two, get ready, one more.


Center yourself, switch sides.

I like to use my arm because it helps you, right?

Does it help you?

She's like, yes, it's exhausting.

75% of your muscle mass.

That means that you're working your entire body.

Yes, it's our legs, that's what we're targeting, but it's your entire body that is working.

Four, three, give me two more.

Two, last one.


We're going to take that left leg and step back now.

Point that toe, straight up that line, knee, point, and when you're ready.


30 seconds.


Oh, I want to hear that.

Hi! Hi! It's what we call your spirit yell.

Says a lot about who you are, what you're feeling.

Your Hi could be, (SIGHING) Hi.

Your Hi could be like, Hi! Depends on how you feel.

That's yours.

All right, ladies.

Four, three, two, last one.


We're going to switch to the-- how do you feel?

Oh! I love it.

Hi! Nice.

Same thing, just on the other side.

Not that hard, ladies.

Come on.

If you notice, I'm chambering my right arm into my right side.

You know what?

Do you know why?

Because when I chamber that arm, and I contract and I use this side more, I'm working my core.

All right, four, three, get ready, two more.

Last one.


Switch to the other side.


Remember, like a whip through center, look at your target.

We're going to turn.

Show me your booty.

I love this one.

It's really easy to perform this one.

People think it's hard, it's not.

All you gotta do is show someone your booty.

That's what you're doing.

So you chamber that knee up, show your booty, kick.

What're you looking at my booty for?


All right.


Come on.


Four, three, two more, two, last one.



Other side, when you're ready.

Hi! Say yes.


If you notice, I pivot more on my left side.

We're different on both sides, it's just human nature.

Doesn't matter, work your hardest.

I promise, if you try, you will achieve greatness.

Follow me, I promise.

You see?

Not perfect.



Two, and one more.


Side kick.

Look at your left side.

Look at your right side.

All right.

Going to lift that knee.

You're going to blade that foot, you're going to flex that foot.

See that?

Going to flex that foot.

And you're going to strike.

Remember, without the knee there is no kick.

When you're ready, chamber up, knee, heel.


Tap in between.

Hi! Come on.

Come on.


Let me show you.

You do this really well, and you're really using that support leg.

You can kick some-- don't do this at home.

Yeah, I kind of like it.



How many?

Two, and one, one.

We got another side.

Let's chamber that knee.

And when you're ready, look at that side, and strike.

Heel, nice.

That's my spirit, y'all.

Nice! You can smile while you're kicking.

Give me four, three, two, one.

Woo! That feels amazing.

But guess what?

I want to target my booty.

And I want to kick something behind me.

So ladies, let's just take it right here.

Let's turn to the side.

OK, your feet parallel.

Gonna step back with that-- with your left foot, the ball of your foot.

Look behind you, and don't go too high.

It's not how big, it's how strong.

All right?

Keep it small and tight.

When you're ready, look at your heel.

Bend, look at your heel.

Look at it.

Look at it.

When you're ready, get into it.

Hi! Hi! If I can tickle you, you're not protecting yourself.

But guess what?

That's OK.

We're just working out.


Keep those arms up.

It helps you with your core.

Hi! Hi! Four, three, two, one more, nice.

Guess what?

We got another side.

Other side of your booty, when you're ready.

Hi! Nice.

Use that heel.

Use that heel.


Turn more towards me.



Yes, look at your heel.

Look at that heel.

Place your eyeball on your heel.

If you place your eyeball on your heel, it's a better strike.


Four, three, two, one more.

What! OK, ladies, are you tired?

And excited?

We are.

Thank you.