5 Healthy Ways Dancing Rocks Your World

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Whether you like to rumba, breakdance, or just-- um-- free style, dancing is great for your body and brain in a whole lot of ways.

One, it can make you stronger. You power up your bones and muscles using your body's own weight. Plus, dancing boosts your balance and coordination.

Two, it gets your heart pumping. That means it totally counts toward the 150 minutes of aerobic exercise you need every week to keep your ticker strong.

Three, busting a move burns calories, which helps you keep your weight in check. So you can literally dance your butt off.

Four, dancing can zap your stress and lift your mood. Just crank up your favorite tune, grab some friends, and have fun. No rhythm required.

Five, It's exercise you can do anywhere, anytime. Well, maybe not at work. But think about it, you don't need a gym, any equipment, or a ballroom to shake your groove thing.

And those are just a few reasons to dance your way to better health. Rock on.