Full Body Workout

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Hey, so you walk into a gym.

And you say to yourself, 'My gosh, where do I begin? With all the equipment that's in here, how do I get a good workout?'

And I'm going to tell you right now, it doesn't take a lot of equipment to get an amazing workout.

All you really need is a set of dumbbells and a bench.

So we'll grab the dumbbells. I'm just going to show you one rep of each of these.

What I do first is go down onto the bench. I set up for a chest press.

Dumbbells nice and wide, out to the side.

Now I'm going to press those dumbbells up over my chest on an exhale.

On an inhale I'm going to come down.

That's exercise one.

After I've finished all my reps, I get up to my feet, going to do my rows.

Feet, hip width apart, flat back, I'm going to roll the elbows in at my sides, release them back down.

It's called a narrow row.

Complete your reps.

Stand up tall.

We go right up into shoulder press.

Elbows out to the side again, about ear height, pressing directly up overhead, slowly releasing down.

That's exercise three.

And then we finish off with a squat.

Dumbbells right up at your shoulders, feet hip width apart, drop deep into the hips, and then press right back up.

You got four exercises.

Chest press, you've got your rows, you've got your shoulder press, and you got your legs.

You got a full body circuit.

Do about 10 to 12 reps of each, three times around, and you've got an awesome workout.