Chest Press and Fly

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: Gym Smarts: Free Motion Chest Press and Fly

Aaron Pols
Alright, so we're going to show you how to use the free motion chest exercise. Uhm…various exercises that you can do on here, but we're going to start off with two very basic. One being the chest press and the other being a fly. We are going to start chest level with the arms; keeping the elbows up; we're going to be pressing out exhaling as you press; controlling it back; extending the arms toward the center, controlling it back, trying not to let the weights touch. We are using major muscle groups, your chest, your pecs, your triceps and the front of your shoulders. You're breathing out as you press. Inhaling on the way down. One of the benefits to this piece of equipment is it being very versatile. You can do more than one exercise without getting up or without changing any seat settings. We're going to now go from the chest press to a fly. Again we're going to keep the same angle. Everything will be parallel to the floor, the elbows up. Elbows shoulder and wrist all are going to stay on the same angle and keep your back pressed against the pad, chest out. Coming together, controlling it back, pausing right before the weights touch. Breathing out as you come together…slight pause. The benefit to using this piece of equipment is its versatility and you are able to get more and more advanced without using any other equipment. To make this exercise more advanced and involve other muscles, you can sit forward. Now you're involving the core as well as the chest, front of your shoulders and a little bit of the triceps.