Gym Smarts: Obliques and Lower Abs

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Dori Ricci, Expert Personal trainer Athletic Club Northeast
Gym Smarts: Obliques and Lower Abs We now gonna demonstrates variations of abdominal exercises using a little more muscle fiber in different areas of your abdominals. The first exercise we gonna do is a rotational crunch for the oblique abdominals. Where he still have the same form where he still have his elbows back finger tips behind his head, he is not lacing his fingers and he gonna rotate his shoulder towards his knee but he is going to keep that stabilization in the upper body. The upper body relax and the elbows behind the head. He's gonna come across and bring the shoulder towards the knee and again he wants to keep that elbow behind his head and bring the shoulder across. Notice how his lower body is still stabilize the same way. And that gonna get more oblique abdominals. You gonna feel that more here. Ok, we also gonna demonstrate an exercise that is going to recruit more muscle fiber in the lower body. We gonna have Ron do what we call table topping his legs, placing the knees directly over the hip join. The table top is here. The chins are parallel to the ceiling. The feet stays lined up with the knees through out the movement. You gonna draw your abdominals in and exhale as you push your feet away from you. If you do not hold our abdominals in while performing this exercise, you are going to use more muscles in the lower back than abdominals because your back gonna arch and then your lower back will be more sore than your abdominals. So you wanna exhale and draw your abs in as you push your legs out and this is going to recruit more muscle fiber in the lower abdominal area.