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Aaron Small, Master Personal Trainer/MS Physical Therapy/BS Phys Ed/Sports Med/ATC.

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Aaron Small, Physical Therapist: Gym Smarts: Stretching Part Two Also for a healthy person what important stretch to do is to get the groin muscles stretched out. This one pretty simple, get your legs spread out a little bit, and then you can bend one knee and you will feel the stretch on this side. Come back up. And then feel it on the other side. Also the hip flexor in your quads, basically get some kind of balance pull that up. Just pull that back into a stretch. Repeat for the other side. If that is uncomfortable on your back, you can do it another way. When you are down here, this foot is up like that you will be stretching this muscle in this fashion. All you do is lean forward and that pulls this area into a stretch. And you pull the other side. It's also important to get some of your side muscles, low back muscles, gluteal muscles stretched out. I'm going to show you some ways to do that. I called this the cross over stretch. Bend that knee, turn that over, keeping your shoulder down, and use that hand to pull over into a stretch. Of course repeat to the other side. I can feel that stretch there. The next stretch which gets the gluteel region, I begin by lying back, cross this leg over the other leg, pull up from the thigh.