Medium Intensity 5-Minute Core Warm Up

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Hey, thanks for joining us. I've got a real simple five minute core, easy routine for you to do.

The way we're going to work this is we're going to do five exercises. Each will be done for 45 seconds. And we'll take a 15-second break in between.

Joining me today, I have Victoria and Warren. Let's get started, you guys.

Exercise one. We're going to get onto all fours. As we do so, hands are spread out nice and wide underneath shoulders. Knees underneath our hips. And then from here, what we're going to do is extend our right leg back. Reach it nice and long.

Tuck the toe towards the shin. And then extend your left arm out. Spread those fingers nice and wide. Palm in towards the center, like you're shaking somebody's hand. And then we're going to place those two points down on the earth. And we'll go to the opposite side. I want you to step your left foot back. Really reach it.

Take your right arm out. Stretch it nice and wide. And again, spread the fingers open. And then put it down to the mat. They're just going to continue to go back and forth as are you.

When you're doing this, what I'm looking for is-- again, I already mentioned it-- make sure the hand is spread out, palm facing in, fingers spread wide. And then the leg is reaching back with the toe tucking in. She's going to stretch and just keep alternating back and forth. This will be our last one, you guys. That's beautiful. Let's bring the points down.

From there, we're going to sink back to our hips. And we're going to go into Child's Pose. Breathe deep. Beautiful.

We'll come back up. As we come back up, on all fours, once again, we're going to do Cat/Cow. And when we're in this Cat/Cow, what I want us to do is relax our belly down, let the vision go forward, and breathe. And then we're going to round our back and tuck our chin in. And then we're just going to go back and forth, inhaling is relaxing, and we look forward. Exhaling as we round and tuck in. Now just continue that flow.

What I want you to do is think of it like a wave. We're not going to force the body into either position. We're just going to allow that rhythm to take place. And again, with all these exercises that I'm asking you to do, I want you to think of it more about quality and not so much quantity.

Don't worry how many you do. But just like Victoria's doing-- and I know you're doing at home-- let it be nice and rhythmic and let it flow. Remember to breathe the entire time. You're doing a great job. We're going to do about two more reps here, you guys. Yes. Beautiful. You're doing great.

And then let's sink back after that last movement into Child's Pose once more. We breathe.

Let's come on back up, gang. Third exercise. We're going to do what we call a Supported Side Arm Balance. All fours again. And then we're going to step our right foot back. Spin it flat. And then we take that right arm up high in the sky, stretching up as much as we can. And then slowly, we return back to the mat-- hand, knee, foot. We go to the other side. Step that left foot back. Let the left arm stretch high. Breathe for me.

And then take it back down to the mat. And again, continue this flow. Opposite sides of the body. As you see Warren doing here, again, as he's taking that arm up, he's stretching it for as much length as he can possibly get. He has shoulder over shoulder, hip over hip. It looks excellent. Good job.

And I know you're doing the same thing right at home. Breathe as you go back and forth. And again, create the space in your body. Let it open up, and work on that stability as you're in that position. You guys look awesome.

We're going to do about one more rep for me. Excellent job. Let's sink back to Child's Pose for another little breather. Good. We're going to come on back up.

Exercise four-- Prone Plank. We're going to get down on our belly, elbows right underneath our shoulders. Spread your fingers nice and wide, hands in front of those elbows. Toes under your heels, and let's lift ourselves up. Strong core. Draw your belly towards your spine, and breathe. I don't want to see any mountains, and I don't want to see any valleys. So we want to stay nice and strong. Try to hold this for the entire 45 seconds.

Now if you get tired, and sometimes we all do, you can always drop to an assisted position. Victoria just simply drops to her knees, lets the hip stay down right around shoulder height. Again, push those elbows a little bit forward for me, Victoria. Right there.

So if you find yourself having to adjust, no problem. Just like we did here for Victoria. If she feels strong enough, she's going to lift back up and hold strong in that plank again. Get the hips a little higher for me. Great job at home.

We'll be here for about two more seconds, you guys. And let's rest to our belly. And then sink back to Child's Pose again. Good. Come on back up.

We're going to finish it up with our last exercise. We're going to do what we call the Bridge. We're going to lay flat on our back, bend our knees so our feet, in this case, are very close to our bottom. Reach those hands down so you can touch your heels. As we lay flat, what I want you to do is press the hips high up into the sky.

And when we're doing so, we're trying to press our chest towards our chin. Now just breathe, with those hips up nice and high. Now as we're doing this breathing, you're going to see Warren stabilizing. As I mentioned, key points here-- he's pressing his chest towards his chin, just like I know you're doing at home, as well. If you can hold this position, awesome.

Now Victoria over here is going to show you an example of what we can do to mobilize the hips. She's just going to allow the hips to drop down and going to press on up. Another alternative for you guys. Either way, super appropriate. But again, a great exercise.

We're just opening up the chest and shoulders. So we stay here and breathe for about two more seconds, you guys. Great job.

Let's rest it on down. So there you have it. We just finished our fifth exercise. Thanks for joining me for a five minutes easy core routine.