Olympic Training Tips: Water Polo Part II

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Tony Azevedo
Usually we'll go around two hours of weights in the morning, and our weights program, we're not the old school just big weights, it's weights involving explosion movements so like a squat immediately to box jump, something like that, so non-stop moving for an hour and a half. Swimming a lot, for three hours. A lot of leg work, so it's brutal.

: Honestly for me when it comes down to the daily routine, even games, it's just making sure I leave time for myself, which would be waking up and having a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. These kind of things just really help me relax and not focus on water polo, and then I know when I do show up to that event I'm 100% prepared.

: Prior to a match at least now at home I try to get in a lot of antioxidants so an acai smoothie with a banana in the morning. Raw coconut water if I can get that, and then just a pasta or something like that.