Turkey: 1 Day, 5 Dinners

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The holiday dishes have been cleared, but leftovers remain. Who doesn't love a turkey sandwich? But you can only eat so many. Try our suggestions for five nights of dinners made with your holiday bird leftovers.

Tip: Buy a Big Bird

If you know you'll want leftovers, plan ahead by choosing a larger turkey.


Microwave a half pound of halved new potatoes until partially cooked, about 5 minutes. Heat a large skillet
over medium heat, then add a tablespoon of olive oil. Add a small diced onion, a diced red pepper, and
the potatoes, plus salt and smoked paprika to taste. Cook until onions and peppers are soft, about 8 minutes. Add turkey and a couple large handfuls of baby spinach. Cook until spinach wilts. Serve with poached or fried eggs.


Combine chopped romaine lettuce, toasted walnuts, crumbled blue cheese, chopped apple, and chunks
of turkey. Toss with a dressing of one part lemon juice, three parts olive oil.


Lightly mist corn tortillas with canola oil spray and crisp them in a 400 F oven for 8 minutes. Top each tortilla with a couple of tablespoons of cooked pinto beans (low-salt canned is fine), cooked turkey, and shredded cheese. Return to the oven to heat through. Top with avocado cubes, salsa, and shredded lettuce.


Use a premade curry simmer sauce, or whip one up: Sauté a small chopped onion and a tablespoon each of minced garlic and ginger. Add a heaping tablespoon of curry powder and a bit of salt. Stir in a 15-ounce can of diced tomatoes and a 15-ounce can of light coconut milk. Bring to a simmer, add turkey, and cook until heated through.


For an incredibly easy lunch, heat a can of low-sodium vegetable soup and add chunks of turkey. Serve with whole wheat crackers and clementines.

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