Why Is White Wine Good for Me?

Why The Health Is This Good For Me?

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By Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN

What It Is

Can't wait to dine al fresco this spring? Whether gathering with family on the back patio or meeting friends at the cafe, a great afternoon is guaranteed. Enter a glass of chardonnay, sauvignon blanc or prosecco, and the meal suddenly feels like an event. Amazingly enough, your glass of squished, fermented and filtered grapes can actually be good for you. Red wine has had enough attention. It's time for white wine to take center stage.

The Dirty Deets

While calorie count ranges based on wine variety, you’ll land at about 129 calories per five-ounce serving of white wine. The average pour is closer to six or more ounces, so be conservative when you drink and keep in mind that the American Heart Association recommends that men consume no more than two drinks per day and women limit alcohol consumption to one drink per day.

  • Besides the calories, your glass of blanc is full of antioxidants, thanks to phenolic compounds that help your body fight oxidative stress. Speaking of stress, a glass of white, a table of friends and some fresh air are all good at reducing stress hormones and keeping you well.
  • The antioxidant composition of European white wines is comparable to that of olive oil, and whites may be just as effective as reds in facilitating healthy heart and artery function.
  • Research suggests that moderate consumption of alcohol may support weight-loss efforts. That little glass of white wine may be helping you stay slim!

How To Chow Down

Do you enjoy wine before dinner, after you've quenched your thirst with a glass of water, or with your meal? Or would it make the most sense to enjoy a glass of muscadet as dessert? White wine serves up health benefits, but drinking is a conscious indulgence, so make the most of your glass (or two).

  • Don’t be afraid to cook with your leftover wine. Nothing is more delish than a bucket of mussels, enhanced with a cup or two of table white.
  • Need ideas? These white wine-y recipes are worth a go. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the flavor profiles.

In The Know

White wines range in hue, and color saturation can tell you a lot about flavor. Need help pairing wine with your meal or event? A sommelier friend or the local wine-shop clerk should be able to help you. Keep in mind that higher price doesn’t equate to better flavor. There are lots of tasty, budget-friendly whites from which to choose.

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