New Egg Recall Due to Salmonella

290,000 Eggs Recalled Because of Salmonella at Ohio Egg Farm

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Nov. 9, 2010 -- A new egg recall has been issued for some 290,000 eggs after salmonella was detected at the Ohio facility where the eggs originated.

That number includes about 120 dozen eggs today added to the recall, first announced late Friday, Nov. 5.

The eggs were distributed to wholesalers and retailers in eight states by Cal-Maine Foods Inc. Cal-Maine received the potentially tainted eggs from Ohio Fresh Eggs of Croton, Ohio. According to media reports, Ohio Fresh Eggs is financed by the owner of the two farms involved in the recent massive egg recall.

Cal-Maine, headquartered in Jackson, Miss., is the largest producer and distributor of fresh shell eggs in the U.S. The recalled eggs were processed at the company's Green Forest, Ark., facility.

So far, there have been no reports of illness traced to the eggs.

The recalled eggs were processed by Cal-Maine on Oct. 9 and Oct. 12, but the company was not notified of the possible salmonella contamination until Nov. 5, when it issued the recall.

The recalled eggs were sold to wholesalers and retailers in eight states: Arkansas, California, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The egg recall involves products sold under the Pippin, Sunny Meadow, Springfield Grocer, Sun Valley, and James Farm brands.

In cooperation with the FDA, Cal-Maine immediately notified its customers and recalled specific "Julian dates" of shell eggs because they have the potential to be contaminated with salmonella. The following packages were included in this recall.

Product DescriptionPlant NumberJulian DateSell By/Expiration Date
Pippin Loose Medium145728211/07/10

Sunny Meadow Jumbo

UPC Code - 6 05388 71459 6

1457282, 28411/07/10;11/09/10

Sunny Meadow Large

UPC Code – 6 05388 71457 2


Sunny Meadow Large 18

UPC Code – 6 05388 71461 9


Sunny Meadow Extra Large

UPC Code – 6 05388 71458 9


Sunny Meadow Extra Large 18

UPC Code – 8 13905 00120 7


Sunny Meadow 5 Dozen

UPC Code – 6 81131 74355 6


Sunny Meadow 6 Pack

UPC Code - 6 05388 71462 6

Springfield Grocer Medium Loose145728211/07/10
Springfield Grocer Extra Large Loose145728411/09/10
Springfield Grocer Large Loose145728411/09/10

Sun Valley Large

UPC Code 0 33643 00018 2



James Farm Medium

UPC Code 0 97009 01083 3


Plant numbers are printed on the cartons. The Julian date follows the plant number: For example, P1457-282.

Symptoms of salmonella food poisoning include fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and/or abdominal pain. Severe cases can result in blood infections, heart infections, or arthritis. Young children, frail elderly people, and people with impaired immune systems are particularly vulnerable to severe disease.

Consumers who purchased the recalled eggs should not eat them. The eggs may be returned to the point of purchase for a full refund.

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