Every kid loves peanut butter and jelly! Parents, here's a healthy, fun twist on a PB&J sandwich. Instead of peanut butter, Chef Lizzie likes to use almond butter to make AB&J! Almond butter has less saturated fat than peanut butter. Watch Chef Lizzie make these AB&J Sushi Rolls in the FIT kitchen. Then use this recipe to make these yummy, cool looking "sandwiches" with your kids.


  1. Cut off the bread crusts. Place the bread on a cutting board and roll it flat with a rolling pin. 
  2. Spread a thin layer of almond butter, then a thin layer of jam onto bread. 
  3. Take the long edge of the bread and roll it up. Cut into 4 bite-size pieces, like sushi.

Serve these AB&J Sushi Rolls with sliced apples, round carrot slices, or sugar snap peas and extra almond butter as a dip.

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