Easy High-Protein Breakfasts

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The sun's rising, the birds are singing, and your stomach is growling. Fill up with a high-protein breakfast that'll help you power through your day. Turn plain yogurt into a sweet, crunchy treat by adding berries and granola.

Think peanut butter is just for lunch? Nope. Smooth it on a crispy piece of whole wheat toast and top it with banana slices.

Fish like salmon packs a high-protein punch, plus healthy omega-3 fats. So lay some lox on a whole-grain bagel and toss on some spinach. Ever tried a breakfast quesadilla? Add black beans to a wheat tortilla, sprinkle some low-fat cheese on it, and cook it up. Last, you can always count on a good ol' omelet to give you your protein fix and the energy you need to tackle your morning.