How to Soothe The Burn of Spicy Foods

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When a spicy meal sets your mouth on fire, some foods and drinks can put out the blaze fast. But water is actually not one of them. It may just spread the hot food around your mouth, and may make it burn worse.

Drink milk instead, and make it the 2% kind. The fat in it helps dial down the heat. Milk also has casein molecules. These help wash away the ingredient in spicy food that makes your mouth hot, capsaicin.

What other foods can counter capsaicin's heat? Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and ice cream. Bread, rice, potatoes, and other starchy foods may help too. They can absorb some of the capsaicin, creating a detour around your taste buds. The next time you need fast relief from fiery heat, have one of these tasty options ready.