Medicare & You 2023: Coverage, Costs, Drug Plans

Medically Reviewed by Sarah Goodell on December 01, 2022

This guide will help answer  questions about Medicare, prescription drug coverage, Covid,  long-term care, and getting help during a crisis, including:

  • What are the different parts of Medicare?
  • How do you sign up for Medicare and what are the important deadlines?
  • What does Medicare cover and how much does it cost?
  • What type of Medicare coverage is available to you?
  • What does the Affordable Care Act mean for your Medicare benefits, including preventive services and savings in the Part D coverage gap?
  • What about joining a Medicare private plan (Medicare Advantage)? How do you choose among plans in your area?
  • How does other insurance work with Medicare?
  • What COVID vaccines, tests, and treatments does Medicare cover?
  • What are your Medicare rights and protections?
  • How do you pay for long-term care?

This guide is available in PDF format. Click on the link below to download and view the file. (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file.)


Medicare & You 20231: Official U.S. government Medicare handbook  (132 pages)