What Happens Jan. 1, 2014?

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Barry Nolan
What happens on January 1st, 2014?

Sam Wagner

Barry Nolan
You take aspirin right?

Sam Wagner
Yeah! Yeah! Yes!

Larry Kapson
I think they're going to give us each like a hundred dollars a week

Barry Nolan
What happens as of January 1st, 2014?

Well I think the affordable health care act is supposed to begin.

Barry Nolan
So, are you aware that January 1st, 2014 there's going to be a change in health care law?

Not quite, no, not as aware as I should be.

Barry Nolan
What will that law require you to do or not do?

Donald Hill
Well, it would require that I

Barry Nolan
What happens January 1st, 2014 regarding insurance?

Town Stall
You'll have to have the insurance or you'll -- you'll have to -- you will pay a fine.