WebMD Now: How to Keep Your Mind Sharp

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This is your brain. This is your brain on aging. As crazy as it sounds, your brain can actually shrink 5% every 10 years after the age of 40. The good news is you can turn it around. Your brain's capacity can improve even as you get older.

For example, try switching hands. Right-handed? Try brushing your teeth or using your fork with your left hand. Mixing things up can sharpen your brain function.

Another great exercise is to learn a new language. It's like taking your brain out for a run every time you practice. Games of all types help keep your brain in tip top shape. I know what you're thinking-- video games. Well, turns out we may be saving brain cells rather than killing them. Some studies show that playing video games can help your brain stay nimble and strong. Just keep in mind that, like with most things, moderation is key.

So play games, read more, learn new things, and don't forget sleep and lots of physical exercise. Bottom line, just like the rest of your body, keep your mind moving.