10 HIV/AIDS Questions to Ask Your Doctor

HIV/AIDS questions for people who think they may have been exposed to HIV:

  1. Should I have an HIV test?
  2. How can I protect myself against HIV infection?

HIV/AIDS questions for people who test positive for HIV:

  1. What does it mean to have HIV?
  2. What do all these medical tests mean?  Do I have AIDS?
  3. What treatment can I get for my HIV infection, and where should I get it? How much experience do you have treating people with HIV infection?
  4. What side effects can I expect from anti-HIV treatment?
  5. How can you help me deal with these side effects? How often do I need to come in after I start treatment?
  6. What can I do to improve my immune system? Will better nutrition help?
  7. How can I keep from passing my HIV infection to others?
  8. Who can help me deal with my feelings?
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