Jay Winner, MD

Jay Winner, MD, grew up in Baltimore and obtained both his undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Maryland. He completed a three-year residency in family practice at Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore, where he also served as chief resident. Throughout his training, he maintained a strong interest in the field of stress management.

After residency, he enjoyed one year of traveling around the country and working as a family doctor. In 1991, he settled in Santa Barbara, where he continues his busy family practice. Since 1992, he has been teaching his popular stress management classes for the largest medical group in Santa Barbara, Calif. In addition to teaching his courses for the general public, he has lectured numerous groups including doctors, counselors, psychologists, government employees, and businesses.

As both a family doctor and a teacher of stress management, Winner has a deep appreciation for both the physical and psychological effects of stress. He has helped thousands of people deal with stress-related problems. He is the author of Stress Management Made Simple: Effective Ways to Beat Stress for Better Health.

Winner lives in Santa Barbara with his wife and twin sons.

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