Nov. 6, 2020 -- Firefighters in Georgia are mourning the loss of 49-year-old Harold Boone -- who worked as a firefighter for 30 years -- after he died from coronavirus-related complications.

Boone was in the hospital for more than a month, Monroe County Emergency Services said in a Facebook post. Eventually, he got double pneumonia and was unable to recover.

“Our department is truly devastated,” Emergency Services Chief Matthew Jackson said in the post. “Harold was an exemplary employee who was highly respected throughout this department and the community.”


“Harold loved to make people laugh, and he will be deeply missed,” the chief said. “Our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Boone and his family during this difficult time.”

Boone first tested positive for the coronavirus on Sept. 19. About a week later, he started complaining about shortness of breath and severe headaches, so his wife called an ambulance. Sadly, it was the last time she saw her husband of 32 years.

Sharon Boone told Emergency Services that the last time she spoke to her husband was when he called to tell her that he was being placed on a ventilator. For the next month, she had a roller coaster of emotions as health care workers updated her on his constantly changing condition. On Nov. 2, she learned he had passed away.

Like his colleagues, Sharon said she will miss her husband’s sense of humor the most. “He was always trying to make us laugh and smile,” she said. “He loved to talk.”

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