Feb. 11, 2021 -- The World Health Organization is reporting some encouraging statistics on the coronavirus pandemic.

In its weekly update, the WHO said the 3.1 million new COVID cases were reported around the globe last week, a 17% drop from the previous week, the fourth straight week new cases numbers have gone down.

That’s the lowest number of new cases in 15 weeks, since the week of Oct. 26.

“Although there are still many countries with increasing numbers of cases, at the global level, this is encouraging,” the WHO report said. “All WHO regions reported a decline in new cases, with five out of six regions reporting more than 10% decreases.”

New cases dropped 17% in the past week in the Americas, 19% in Europe, 12% in South East Asia, 2% in the Eastern Mediterranean, 22% in Africa, and 14% in the Western Pacific.

The WHO said the five countries reporting the most new cases last week were the United States (871,365 cases, a 19% decrease), Brazil (328,652 cases, a 10% decrease), France (136,154 cases, a 4% decrease), the United Kingdom (133,747 cases, a 25% decrease), and the Russian Federation (116,842 cases, an 11% decrease).

There were 88,000 COVID-related deaths last week, a 10% decrease from the previous week and the second consecutive week global deaths have gone down, the WHO said.

Since the pandemic began, more than 107 million cases of coronavirus have been reported around the world, with more than 2.3 million deaths, Johns Hopkins University reported.