Marisa C. Weiss, MD

Marisa C. Weiss, MD, is founder of, founder and past president of the nonprofit educational organization Living Beyond Breast Cancer, and the co-author of the book Living Beyond Breast Cancer. An oncologist in Philadelphia who specializes in the treatment of breast cancer, Weiss has demonstrated her longstanding commitment to informing and empowering women with breast cancer.

Weiss has been a member of the National Cancer Institute Director's Consumer Liaison Group since April 2000. She has been a guest speaker for WebMD's special breast cancer feature for four consecutive years (2001-2004); has co-produced and/or appeared in the Special Breast Cancer Series on NBC's Today Show for six consecutive years (1998-2003); has been interviewed on National Public Radio's Fresh Air with Terry Gross (2000); and has been interviewed for numerous print publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Weiss attended the University of Pennsylvania for her undergraduate studies, medical school, residency, and laboratory research fellowship. She then became an assistant professor in the university's radiation oncology department, specializing in breast cancer. In 1992, she joined the staff at Paoli Memorial Hospital of the Thomas Jefferson University Health System and the Fox Chase Cancer Center Network, located outside Philadelphia. In 2002, Weiss moved her practice to Lankenau Hospital.

Weiss received the 2003 Professor of Survivorship Award from the Susan G. Komen Foundation. She was also named one of the top 10 cancer physicians in the Philadelphia region by Philadelphia Magazine and is the recipient of many other awards, including several from the American Cancer Society. Weiss serves on the professional advisory board of the Philadelphia Wellness Community and is a past board member of the National Breast Cancer Coalition.

Weiss lives in Wynnewood, Pa., with her husband (a pediatrician and avid fisherman), three children, and two dogs.

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