Top Men's Health Topics of 2010

Medically Reviewed by Laura J. Martin, MD on November 18, 2010
From the WebMD Archives

What do guys read about most on WebMD? You guessed it: Sex. It’s the No. 1 topic among male readers. And the most popular story: 6 Sex Mistakes Men Make.

It makes sense. If a man’s machinery “below the belt” is healthy, chances are the rest of his body is in good shape, too.

Which brings us to the topic of fitness. It’s all about abs! WebMD’s male readers want to know what it takes to keep their bodies looking good, especially their abs. Is it vanity? Maybe. But strong abs are literally the core to a strong body.

For 2010, here are the most popular links to the top 5 topics on WebMD that caught guys’ eyes.

1. Sex Life

2. Questions About Penis

3. Testosterone

4. Flat Abs

5. STDs