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Catch More ZZZs

Catch More ZZZs


Women usually get more sleep than men. Many log at least 8 hours of shut-eye on weeknights. Both genders need between 7 and 9 hours a night. To help you nod off, make sure your room is dark and cool, and leave devices like phones, tablets, and TVs in another part of the house.

Keep Up With Your Buddies

Keep Up With Your Buddies


Looking for a reason to get a group of guys together for poker night? How about this? It could add years to your life. Women tend to have more friends. Having a group of pals you can have fun with and trust can be quite healthy.

Kick the Habit

Kick the Habit


About 20 out of every 100 adult men smoke, while only 15 of 100 adult women light up. Whether you go through a couple of packs a day or only smoke every once in a while, it’s time to talk to your doctor about how to stop.

Back Away From the Bar

Back Away From the Bar


Ladies know when to say no better than guys do. They’re only half as likely to abuse alcohol as men. That’s not the only bad news -- dudes are also more likely to binge and to stay drunk longer.

Play It Safer

Play It Safer


Guess which gender takes more risks. Guys are usually the ones who don't wear seat belts, drive too fast, or make all-out war out of a friendly pickup basketball game. Slow down and think twice before you act -- and wind up in the ER.

Keep Your Skin Safe

Keep Your Skin Safe


Men spend more time in the sun. But they're less likely to use sunscreen correctly, if at all. Use enough to fill a shot glass, and reapply every 2 hours.

Watch What You Eat

Watch What You Eat


The healthy eating award goes to the gals. Guys eat more meat, while women eat more fruits and  vegetables. Men are more likely to eat runny eggs, raw oysters, and nearly raw beef. The fact is, some guys just don’t want to eat their veggies. Don’t be that guy.

Wash Your Hands

Wash Your Hands


Don't touch that bathroom door handle. Way more women wash their hands more often (and better) than men -- especially after they use a public restroom. That gets rid of germs that can cause disease. Plus, women are much more likely to use soap than men. Bottom line: If you don’t want to catch a cold, the flu, or something worse, scrub down!

Get Checked Out

Get Checked Out


One way to stay healthy: Go to the doctor. Men are about twice as likely as women to say they haven't seen a doctor in the past year. Don’t tough it out. Ask the doc how often you should come in and what tests they suggest for someone your age. Then make an appointment and get it over with.

Keep Your Mind Healthy

Keep Your Mind Healthy


While women may be more likely to get depressed, there's also a better chance they'll get help for it. Guys, the first step to shaking off the blues is to see a doctor or a mental health expert. The sooner you get started, the faster you’ll feel better.

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