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Kathleen S., 52, Spring Hill, FL

“Don't socially isolate. It’s hard when you feel others are looking at you, but each time you do, you’re being brave. It's good for the soul. If you can't get out, have trusted friends and family visit as much as possible.”

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Elizabeth M., 63, Siler City, NC

“I’ve found that acupuncture has helped a great deal with the sometimes incessant moves of TD. Acupuncture has been helpful to build my system back up. … Meditation helps a great deal. Deep breathing exercises are helpful too. I’ve found that carefully chewing sugarless gum helps with jaw and tongue movements.”

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James W., 61, Cincinnati, OH

“I’m lucky I have a very supportive family. Being with people who care about you makes the disease easier to live with. Playing the guitar keeps my mind off my problems and gives me a happier existence. I try to learn something new every day.”

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Eva E., 53, Stamford, CT

“I always try to focus on what I’m grateful for rather than dwelling on the negative. Reach out. Don't isolate yourself. Develop positive relationships with people who build you up. I've made great friendships on social media.”

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photo of janet fries
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Janet F., 70, Kuna, ID

“My greatest help has come from my 12-lb. Jack Russell terrier, Sparky, and my golden retriever service dog, Eddie. Eddie got me out of 3 years in a wheelchair to walking again. Sparky is aware of my condition and yells for help.”

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