The Damage They Inflict

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1 in 4 households

in the U.S. has someone with migraine.

4 million adults

have migraine pain at least 15 days a month.

More than 1 million

Americans visit ERs in the U.S. each year
for migraine pain.


out of 10 people

can't do their daily tasks when
they have a migraine.

Migraines cost the U.S. more than

each year in medical expenses,
missed work, and productivity losses.

Most migraines last between

4 and 72 hours.

About 90% of people

with migraines have a family history of it.


0 million

women in the U.S. have migraines.

Migraine Auras

– Symptoms that come before the pain –

may make strokes slightly more likely, especially in...