Take a look inside your brain to see why CGRP levels, a molecule that causes more intense migraines, increase before migraine pain strikes. Doctors have developed a new frontier of injectable treatment that may stop the migraine cycle in its tracks. Learn more about this exciting new treatment in this WebMD video.

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Sarah N., 39
New Orleans
I recognize which headaches are migraines in the making and immediately take my meds along with black coffee and very dark chocolate. That will often keep it at bay if I catch it at the first twinge.
Nicole V., 42
Manheim Township, PA
I have terrible migraines that I have figured out are connected to my hormonal cycle. The only thing that seems to help keep them at bay when I feel one come on is a sleep mask that puts pressure on my eyes.
Pam T., 43
Cleveland, OH
Since cutting certain foods from my diet, I rarely have migraines now.

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