woman playing piano

Letting Go of My Pre-MS Life

After my diagnosis, I tried to continue living my life the way I had been. But things weren’t going to go back to the way they once were.

woman looking at mountains

I Listened to My Body

I knew I had to make my health more of a priority so that I could keep doing the things I loved for as long as possible.

Female trainer with group on exercise bikes

How I Took Control of My MS

I eventually found a routine that works for the new me.

prescription pills spilling out of bottle

Choosing My Treatment

My priority is finding the treatment that will keep me at my best, but fear of the unknown always creeps back in.


How I Prep for a Relapse

I have learned a lot about myself since being diagnosed with MS, and it turns out that I am not good at accepting help.



Stephanie Buxhoeveden

Stephanie Buxhoeveden, RN, MSCN, FNP-BC, lives with multiple sclerosis (MS) and works as an MS-specialized nurse practitioner. As both a provider and a patient, she uses her unique perspective to positively affect the MS community. She is an advocate, writer, and speaker whose goal is to educate, spread awareness, and improve the lives of others living with MS.