What to Know About Using the Alinker Walking Bike

Medically Reviewed by Poonam Sachdev on November 25, 2021

If you have multiple sclerosis, then you know that difficulty walking may come at some point in your journey. Before your mobility starts to decline, though, you may want to try preventative measures to keep your strength up. A bike is a great way to keep moving. 

The Alinker is a three-wheeled walking bike that requires you to use your legs to move forward. The Alinker is non-motorized and doesn’t have pedals. This is a great bike for working on getting your mobility back or making sure it doesn’t go away. The bike is designed to create access to mobility, community, and a healthy lifestyle through exercise. 

This bike can also be customized to help you live and move the way you want to, regardless of your mobility. 

Multiple sclerosis can create balance issues because it causes numbness, tingling, and fatigue. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society also says that vertigo and dizziness can create more issues. Some people may need to walk with canes or other assistive devices. 

The Alinker Walking Bike is an assistive device that gives you the freedom to be as mobile as you like. The bike can help you get control back over your legs. It can help you strengthen your muscles to lift one leg while standing on the other. The bike helps you work on muscle groups you might not have used for a while. Walking with the bike regularly can help keep your legs moving and keep you from losing mobility. 

The bike is used by celebrity Selma Blair, who’s had a public battle with multiple sclerosis. Blair likes to use the bike to move faster and get around easier. The bike can be used to help with balance and strengthen your muscles. Blair says she needs help with balance sometimes but typically uses a cane. 

The bike may take some time to get used to, especially if you haven't been on a bike in a few years. Even if you are used to riding a bike, this one will feel much different. 

You can talk to your doctor and support group if you're interested in starting this new journey. It will be much safer having people nearby to help you get started.

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