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    You can find the right oral surgeon with a little research and a little help from the pros.

    Whether it’s searching for someone to fix a broken jaw or someone who will finally get rid of your troublesome wisdom teeth, you can find someone to suit your needs. Your dentist and insurance company can help you find your person.

    Talk to Your Dentist

    Your first stop should be with your regular dentist, who may have suggested surgery in the first place. He’s very likely to have a recommendation. If your dentist recommends an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, he’s talking about someone who can treat disease and injuries of the areas around and in your mouth.

    After he gives you a name, ask him these questions.

    • Why do you recommend this surgeon?
    • What are his specialties?
    • What’s this surgeon’s background?
    • Would you go to this surgeon?


    Check Out Your Insurance

    You can find doctors that are in your insurer’s network by calling them or visiting their web site. Most companies will list doctors by specialty and show you where their offices are.

    Make a list, cross-check it with any recommendations you get, and go from there.

    You can choose out-of-network doctors, too. But that usually costs more.

    Hit the Internet

    There are more than 9,000 oral surgeons in the United States. So if you don’t have a regular dentist who can recommend an oral surgeon, and friends or family can’t help you out, take advantage of the web.

    Lots of sites rate surgeons and their offices. Remember, though, you have to read the patient reviews critically. To one person, someone who’s all-business has no bedside manner. To another, that same professional is great because he’s all-business.

    Web sites can also give you background on the doctor, too. Education, experience, professional affiliations, and more are probably at your fingertips.

    Call your state medical board for more information.