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Medically Reviewed by Evan Frisbee, DMD on January 24, 2022
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Nearly 75% of Americans report some level of anxiety about seeing the dentist. Because of their fears, one out of seven will avoid going to the dentist altogether. Yet only about two-thirds of Americans brush their teeth twice a day, as dental health experts have long recommended for maintaining a healthy smile.

Your smile may be the first thing that people notice about you. But healthy teeth are not only important for looking good. Your oral health can affect your ability to taste and eat, to smell, and to communicate with others.

Do you know what you should and shouldn't do to take care of your teeth at home? What about if your teeth start shifting, or if one is knocked out or chipped?

WebMD gathered some of your most common oral health questions and took them to dental experts Steve Drescher, DDS, and Solomon Cohen, DDS.

Click on the links below to see how our experts answered your questions about oral health and dental issues.

Bill of Millburn, Ga. asks how can you tell when you have gingivitis, and what can be done about it if so.

What should I do if my crown falls out, asks Cory of Philadelphia, Pa. Drescher offers some important advice on the first steps to take.

Geetha from Atlanta, Ga. wants to know if it's common for people to need braces as they get older. WebMD's dental experts give you the facts.

Drescher gives expert tips on the best way to whiten your teeth.

What causes floss to get stuck and break in your teeth, asks Phyllis from Atlanta. Cohen lists the most common causes and just what your dentist can do about it.

You may be wondering what stains your teeth. Cohen lays out the facts about some of the most common teeth-staining culprits.

Everybody at some point wants to know what causes bad breath and what can be done about it.

What’s the difference between a regular dental cleaning, and scaling and planing? Drescher shines some light on the subject.

Losing a tooth can be a scary situation. Suzanne of Atlanta asks what’s the first thing you should do if your tooth gets knocked out.

Alisha of Belair, Md. asks what causes an abscess. Cohen explains.

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Solomon Cohen, DDS.

Steve Drescher, DDS.

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