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    Why It Hurts

    Find out what's causing the pain inside your joint.

    Making the Decision

    How can you tell if surgery is right for you? Learn the pros and cons.

    Get Yourself Ready

    Here's how to prepare for the operation.

    What to Expect

    Learn how it will feel when you're back on your feet.

    The Right Care

    Make the changes you need to keep your joints healthy.


    After Your Surgery

    Learn about the benefits of ankle replacement and how it might help you.

    Do You Need It?

    Are there any risks to ankle replacement surgery? See if it's right for you.

    Health Guide

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    Ask Your Doctor

    Take these questions with you to your next appointment.

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    Recovery Timeline

    See the progress you'll make after you leave the operating room.

    Physician Locator

    Physician Locator

    Find a U.S. physician in your area who uses Wright products.

    Find a physician in your local area.

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    Painful Ankle Arthritis? Know Your Options.

    Painful Ankle Arthritis? Know Your Options.

    Suffering with ankle pain? Perhaps you've been told fusion is the only treatment option available to you. No more. Know More!

    Ankle Pain Holding You Back? It Doesn't Have To.

    Ankle Pain Holding You Back? It Doesn't Have To.

    Learn how ankle replacement has helped to improve the quality of patients' lives by improving mobility and reducing pain.

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