Baby Developmental Milestones: By 19 to 24 Months

Kicks balls and may throw them underhand

As your toddler's confidence in walking and running builds, he may start to kick balls and try to throw them underhand. This is a great opportunity to play together outside. You both can get exercise kicking and chasing the ball!

Follows simple directions

At this point, your baby can understand more than she can say. That includes simple directions from you. Start by gesturing to an object with a simple request, such as "Roll the ball." Soon you can advance to more complex directions like, "Get your shoes."

May start making a tower with 4 cubes

By the end of his second year, your toddler may construct towers with 4 cubes or more. This helps him develop coordination. Nothing beats knocking down those towers! This teaches cause and effect.

Points to pictures and possibly body parts when named

Your child's vocabulary is growing. Sometime during these months, she may be able to point to parts of her body or pictures in a book when you name them. Play language games to encourage her to identify things or to make sounds. Ask her, "Where's your nose?" or "Where's the puppy?" Ask "What does a duck say?" and wait for her reply or give the answer, "Quack, quack" to help her learn. Your toddler will also begin putting two words together when speaking.

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