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Before your baby is born, you'll want to make sure you have the basics in baby gear to make life easier for you and the little one. Experts say the essentials are a car seat, a new crib or bassinet, and a stroller. If your baby will not be breastfed, you'll want to buy baby bottles, as well. If baby is going to sleep in a crib from the get-go, you'll need a crib that meets current safety standards, along with a mattress, waterproof mattress pads, fitted sheets, and light blankets. You may also want a place to store baby clothes and change and dispose of baby diapers. When buying the gear, consider your lifestyle. If you'll be in and out of a car, bus, or subway, stick with strollers that fold easily and are lightweight. If you live in a rural or wintry area and plan to do a lot of walking, you may want an all-terrain stroller. There are many choices available, so it's a good idea to step back and think it over before you register for a particular baby carrier or stroller.

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