Baby Developmental Milestones: By 1 Month

Movement | Turns head from side to side while lying on tummy

Your infant's neck is very wobbly. He may lift his head a little bit while lying on his tummy, but he won't have the muscles to hold his head up for a few months. Be sure to support his head when you hold him.

Visual and Hearing | Focuses best on things 8 to 12 inches away

Spend time with your baby up close. She sees best now when things are only 8 to 12 inches away.

Visual and Hearing | Prefers black-and-white or high-contrast colors

Show your baby a simple pattern in bright, primary colors or black and white. He can't yet appreciate pastels or complex patterns, but bold, sharply contrasting stripes and checks will catch his eye.

Social and Cognitive | Prefers human faces to all other patterns

Your baby will like looking at human faces -- especially her parents' and her own! Hold your face close to hers. Just the sight of your eyes may make her feel content. Mount a baby-safe crib mirror so she can study her own face, too.

Social and Cognitive | May turn toward some familiar sounds and voices

Already your baby may turn when he hears familiar sounds and voices. He'll enjoy listening to the recognizable sounds of cooking and his siblings playing. He finds your voice comforting and entertaining, so talk to him and he's likely to respond with gurgles.

Smell and Touch | Recognizes the scent of mother’s breast milk

If you breastfeed, your baby already recognizes the scent of your breast milk. That helps her find your nipple. Many breastfed babies won't readily take a bottle if they can smell mom's milk nearby. Breastfeeding is a good opportunity to cuddle, make eye contact, and grow close.

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