Feeding Your Newborn

Week 2

When it comes to feeding your baby, experts say breast is best. Here's why:

Breastfeeding isn't right for every new mother, though. If you're formula feeding, here's what to know:

  • Formula provides the basic nutrients that babies need, but it lacks some of the extra nutrition found in breast milk.
  • For most babies, an iron-fortified cow's milk formula is best.
  • Babies with allergies may need a soy or a hypoallergenic formula.
  • Newer formulas contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which may help the brain and eyes develop.

Your Baby's Development This Week

Your baby’s new world is as amazing to them as they are to you! Here's what they can see and hear.

What Baby Sees

  • Your baby can see to both sides and is starting to focus on objects in the center of their vision.
  • They like to look at objects held 8 to 15 inches away.
  • Your baby's pupils are getting larger, so they can see different shades of light.
  • Babies like sharp contrasts, such as bull's-eyes and black-and-white stripes.

What Baby Hears

  • Babies prefer the sound of human voices, especially yours.
  • Your baby already knows the sound of your voice.
  • Your baby can also tell which direction your voice is coming from.

Week 2 Tips

  • Most babies this age feed about every two hours. If your baby sleeps more than four or five hours, ask your doctor if you should wake them up and offer breast or bottle or if it's OK to adopt a feed on demand approach. 
  • To calm a crying baby, gently rub their back, walk with them, or rock them gently in your arms.
  • Keep diapers and changing supplies everywhere you go for on-the-go changes.
  • Babies can get diaper rash. To soothe a red bottom, let the diaper area air dry and apply a zinc oxide diaper rash ointment at every changing.
  • Stimulate your baby's vision by passing a stuffed animal or toy back and forth a few inches in front of their eyes.
  • Your voice has star power! Talk, sing, and read to your baby. Even though they can't say so, they'll love it.
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