Baby Developmental Milestones: 15 to 18 Months

Starts to Run

Once your toddler is walking, it won't be long until she starts to run. Make sure your yard is child-proofed and then get ready for the action! Play hide-and-seek and other chasing games to encourage physical activity.

May be scared of familiar objects like vacuum cleaners

Your toddler suddenly screams when you turn on the vacuum cleaner. What's up? It's not unusual for a toddler to be afraid of dogs, the dark, or loud noises, even from a familiar object. Comfort her, but show her you're not afraid. Giving her a toy vacuum cleaner also may ease her fear.

May make a tower with 2 cubes

Picking up objects and seeing how they can be combined is a favorite pastime at this age. If your toddler can make a tower with 2 cubes, have him try making something with large building blocks of different shapes.

May say up to 10 words

Your baby soaks up everything you say, so now's a good time to give up baby talk. Point to objects -- at home, outside, in books -- and say their correct names so she learns them. By 18 months, she should say about 10 words.

WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by Dan Brennan, MD on March 21, 2020



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